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  • Tell your church, class or club that FCA gives formal presentations.

  • Recommend our website to Hospice, Social workers and College Professors.

  • Improve the SEO for this site so more people find it.

  • Ask your local hospital administrators what their protocol is for release of the dead and send us a copy of it.

  • Attend or listen to the recording of the quarterly Funeral Licensing Board meetings at 160 E 300 S SLC, see schedule

  • Conduct a survey of prices and rules of cemeteries in whatever section of the state you like.

  • Write your County Commissioners and Health dept director to get high health dept fees for Dispositioners reduced to actual costs.

  • Start a Home Funeral Committee in your community.

  • Plan as a family to perform a Do-it-yourself funeral for the next death in the family.

  • Join our email list (or facebook page) to keep up with Utah funeral consumer news and calls to action.

  • File a complaint if you have been taken advantage of, manipulated or lied to by a funeral or cemetery provider (after direct negotiations have proven fruitless).

  • Assist with an investigation of Intermountain Donor Service's (IDS) in relation to reimbursement of mortuaries who appear to be charging families for extra care of donor bodies. IDS pays for any costs of donating an organ, including any additional body prep resulting from donation of organs. So don't let a funeral home charge you for that!


Become a Member


Consider becoming a member of FCA of Utah for a donation of $25/person. Membership is transferable to any FCA across the country if you move. You may join through our Paypal link on this page. If you prefer to mail a check make it out to FCA of UT and mail it to: 8925 N Pine Hollow Dr, Cedar Hills, UT 84062.


You may also donate directly to the national FCA at: which is also 501(c)(3) non-profit, just like us.  National FCA, with its 2 full time and 1 part time employees, provides education and advocacy to consumers and affiliates nationwide.  For a donation of $50, FCA of Utah will consider you a member too (just send us a copy of your receipt).


How We Use Your Money


Donations from members go to fulfilling the mission of FCA of Utah which is protecting consumer rights and publishing the knowledge of how to exercise those rights as far and wide as we can. 


This means donations cover the costs of a website, publicity, producing a newsletter, mailing, and dues.  Totaling only about $300/year. How is that for running a tight ship!


FCA of Utah is glad to support the national FCA through yearly dues.  Yearly dues are not required of individuals to maintain Utah membership. We do ask for donations though.


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One woman who called from Arizona to help a Utah relative said, "I've been a member of FCA since the 1960's. It is one of the greatest organizations this country has. I am so grateful for your reliable dedication."



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