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To become an official volunteer we ask that you FIRST complete your own funeral plans & share them with your next-of-kin, THEN


  • Tell your church, class or club that FCA gives fast-paced 20 minute presentations followed by discussion. We can share the script ahead of time.

  • Recommend our website to Preparedness groups, DIY clubs, Hospice, Social workers and College Professors.

  • Ask your local hospital administrators what their protocol is for release of the dead and send us a copy of it. Please!!!!

  • Attend or listen to the recording of the quarterly Funeral Licensing Board meetings at 160 E 300 S SLC, see schedule

  • Conduct a survey of prices and rules of cemeteries in whatever section of the state you like.

  • Call your County Health department (Vital Records office) to ask if their data entry fees for Dispositioners are a high fee or prorated to "actual time spent". Let us know.

  • Start a Home Funeral Committee in your community.

  • Plan to perform a Do-it-yourself funeral for the next death in the family.

  • Join our email list (or facebook page) to keep up with Utah funeral consumer news and calls to action.

  • File a complaint if you have been taken advantage of, manipulated or lied to by a funeral or cemetery provider (after direct negotiations have proven fruitless).

  • Assist with an investigation of Intermountain Donor Service's (IDS) in relation to reimbursement of mortuaries who appear to be charging families for extra care of donor bodies. IDS pays for any costs of donating an organ, including any additional body prep resulting from donation of organs. So don't let a funeral home charge you for that!

  • Ask your local hospital to refer survivors to our website.


Become a Member

Email FCAofUT@gmail with your contact information and request to join our affiliation. You will be granted membership with all the benefits of membership in any affiliate nationwide. 


ZERO, NADA, NONE, not one penny of the monies donated to the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Utah  go toward paying for cushy offices with fancy furniture occupied by high-salaried employees.  FCA of Utah is completely run by committed volunteers who want to protect & promote our rights through unbiased education, outreach, group presentations, local price surveys.​

FCA's growth and transformation is made possible through the support of the philanthropic community. These efforts have paved the way for this organization to become the outstanding educational, consumer advocacy organization it is today.

We are proud to be the light-bearer of funeral liberty for all who pass through Utah.

J O I N  U S

Thank you for your interest in supporting FCA of UT If you have any questions please contact us at 801-368-5884 or via email at FCAofUT@gmail 

Here is our Paypal link


If you want a tax deduction you may instead donate directly to the National FCA Headquarters at: which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  National FCA, with its 1 full time and 1 part time employees, provides essential education, advocacy to consumers and support to affiliates nationwide.  


How We Use Donations


Donations from members go to fulfilling the mission of FCA of Utah which is protecting consumer rights and publishing the knowledge of how to exercise those rights. 


This means donations cover the costs of a website, publicity, & dues.  Totaling only about $300/year. How is that for running a tight ship!


Though FCA of Utah supports the National FCA through yearly dues.  Yearly dues are not required of individuals to maintain Utah membership.

We do appreciate and feel encouraged by voluntary ongoing donations.

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Thank you for Donating!



(New OPEN Membership!!!!)
We are proudly dropping our 501c3 status, so there will no longer be a tax deduction for donating to FCA of Utah.


"I've been a member of FCA since the 1960's. It is one of the greatest organizations this country has. I am so grateful for your reliable dedication."

-AZ member, calling to help a Utah relative

 "I will be forever grateful for your help.  When I am on my feet again I will donate.  Everyone should know about what you do."

UT widower, after receiving assistance over the phone


We Offer You

  • OBJECTIVITY - You get advice from a group of knowledgeable volunteers who are not in the business of selling funeral services.

  • DIGNITY - You learn about dignified alternatives to excessive funeral displays.

  • CONFIDENCE - You are able to shop for services with full knowledge of your rights.

  • SECURITY - You enjoy the convenience of pre-planning without the risks of prepayment.

  • PEACE OF MIND - You are given the opportunity to discuss an important topic with family or friends while you are still healthy.

  • CARING - You leave behind a final gift, sparing your family the confusion of misunderstandings.

  • KNOWLEDGE - You become an educated consumer, likely to buy only those things you want or need.

  • SAVINGS -You either get a discount with a local provider, or at-a-glance price comparison by viewing our volunteer-tabulated price survey.

  • PHILANTHROPY -You make this website​ available to all in need.

  • MEMBERSHIP-You are part of a nationwide network. Your membership is honored by other affiliates nationwide. 

  • EMPOWERMENT - You are informed if a Bill is proposed that could erode or enhance your right to choose simple and affordable arrangements.





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