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Frequently Asked Questions


Can FCA pay for my loved one's funeral?


Sorry, we don't have the funds to pay for people's funerals, BUT ideas about where to find money and reduce costs to nearly nothing are on our Financial Aid" page.


What is the least expensive funeral home in my area?


To price compare at-a-glance using our price survey We are not affiliated with or sponsored by the funeral industry. 


The price list the police, hospice or hospital hand you is often incomplete!  We have seen them specifically leave off the cheapest mortuary!


In our price survey you can tell which funeral homes charge less, even if it doesn't list the specific item or service you want. Then reach out to them to confirm their prices for what you you want.


Will FCA help me do a family-directed funeral?


All the info you need is on our DIY page. We can also consult by phone to offer support and encouragement. We love to hear from you anytime.


I called & left a message with Joyce 801-368-5884 (mobile) or Sharlynn 801-391-6556 (mobile) but it's been several hours and I really need help now.  What should I do?

Please TEXT us in case we haven't noticed there is a voicemail waiting.  Please try again.  We volunteer from home so don't hesitate to call in the evenings or on weekends.



How did you get involved with funeral consumer advocacy?


Kathleen, Joyce, and Sharlynn answer





Casket on Floor with Flowers

Home Visitation of Kathleens' husband

Call if you still have questions
Joyce 801-368-5884 (mobile)
Sharlynn 801-391-6556 (mobile)

After receiving phone help one widower said, "I will be forever grateful for your help.  When I am on my feet again I will donate.  Everyone should know about what you do."
One member wrote,
"I appreciate all your work on research and letting others know.  I cringe every time I think of $12,000 to take care of a loved one after death.  That could help put a grandchild through college!"

We assist hundreds of families every year with information and support. Many haven't the means to donate. For all to continue to have access please become a sustaining member today 
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