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Autopsied Remains


If you want to direct the services and final disposition of a body that has required an autopsy the Medical Examiner's Office (MEO) is accommodating to negotiate a pick up date that works for your family. They will also let you know the condition of the body so you may plan to keep the casket closed or not.


Typically an MEO only closes the body with light stitching, therefore if damage is extensive the body will be placed in a body bag so no seepage escapes as it is placed in the casket the family brings. Closed casket services should be planned.  This means if a viewing is desired it should be closed casket.  Therefore it would be called a visitation and is conducted the same way a viewing is conducted.


Another option is to deliver the body directly to a cemetery or crematory for final disposition.  This could be followed by a memorial service or a graveside service that you conduct yourselves.

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