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#1 Tip: Don't buy a Sealer Casket, unless you want the inside of the casket to become gaseous and moldy (Picture a tomato decomposing in a cardboard box vs a plastic bag. The sealer casket is the disgusting plastic bag.)



It is possible to buy caskets for less than $850: Casket Options in Utah


Robert Alexander in Farr West, Utah 801-388-9158 




















Dual view of an over-sized casket designed & built by Robert Alexander, a craftsman in northern Utah. Did you know that if your loved one is over 300 lbs you will be pressured to buy a costly over-sized casket? And then an over-sized vault too! Consider the above casket for bodies weighing more that 300lbs (500 lbs pictured) AND it fits in a standard cemetery vault!!



































Robert Alexander's casket sells the above for $295 (without finishings).

Or build your own Robert Alexander has donated a 2 page "simple casket" plan so you can build the above casket yourself. A version you can print appears when you click on the plans.

Bamboo, Ratan, Banana Leaf and Seagrass Caskets from California (to see it scroll to bottom of's page to see their tray-beir)

Even Simpler Alternatives to the Casket:


The old fashioned bier and shroud

(gorgeous example of biers)


Price Shop Mortuaries
Northern Utah
Salt Lake County
Utah County & East
Southern Utah



























Michael W. Scheetz of Provo Handcrafted Caskets and Coffins
Want a commercial casket but don't want to go to Costco? Here's an independent Utah importer:
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This PG movie trailer (to the R rated movie) gets one thinking about living with death in mind. Click to watch trailer: