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Casket Resources


#1 Tip: Don't buy a Sealer Casket, unless you want the inside of the casket to become gaseous and moldy (Picture a tomato decomposing in a cardboard box vs a plastic bag. The sealer casket is the disgusting plastic bag method.)

#2 If you order a casket to be shipped to the Funeral Home don't agree to a casket handling charge

Better yet ship the casket to your home and bring it to the FH in your SUV, van or pickup truck.


Robert Alexander in Farr West, Utah 801-388-9158 

For $850.00 & up he builds this and similar:

If your loved one is over 300 lbs you will be pressured to buy a costly over-sized casket, and an over-sized vault too! Robert builds caskets for bodies weighing 300-500lbs.  AND his fit in a standard cemetery vault!!

BUY DIRECT continued: based in Salt Lake City has unique affordable designs, ready in 4 hrs. an affordable casket company that offers metal and wooden caskets. can get to Utah in 2 to 5 days.

Tray-beir and Bamboo, Ratan, Banana Leaf and Seagrass caskets
The old fashioned bier and shroud (gorgeous examples [pronounced "beer"]
Cardboard Caskets ($500 from Titan casket, see above), article on all the facts:


Build your own Casket!  

6 different kinds of Instructions here:

Robert Alexander donated this 2 page casket plan to build a simple casket yourself. 

Robert says if a cemetery requires a vault or grave liner

"the first thing a DIY homemade casket builder should do is find out the inside dimensions of the (standard, mid-sized, and large) burial vaults used in that cemetery. 

In [Northern Utah] the interior of a standard-sized burial vault is 86 inches long by 29 inches wide by 24 inches deep. A casket needs to be made 1 inch smaller than those dimensions.

So the casket cannot be any bigger than 85 inches long by 28 inches wide by 23 inches tall.

Robert continues, "The caskets I build are 80 inches long, 28 inches wide and 17 inches tall.
If a family needs to build a wider casket for a oversized person they can build the width of the casket up to 33 inches wide and still get a mid-sized burial vault that is 34 inches wide."



Made in Utah Wooden Casket

A volunteer made this video about his experience with funerals from the time he was a little boy until he met Funeral Consumers Alliance:

The Funeral Homes say they want you to be at their facility when your casket arrives because they had an incident where one has arrived damaged. 

I spoke to another director that said MOST arrive damaged! But that same director said locally built caskets NEVER come damaged.


One Director spoke of a casket not arriving in time for services. So, if you're buying on your own, plan accurately.

If a Funeral Home charges a fee for disposal of packaging it's usually too high (upwards of $150!). Have someone with a pickup truck to take packaging to the dump for you. The Transfer Station fee is around $12, depending on which county you live in.


April 2023, 5 minute Money News video about Titan Casket's direct sales to families. Buy a casket at to ship to Utah in 2 to 5 days.

Michael Sheetz, formerly of Provo, with one of his Handcrafted Coffins. He is temporarily not building caskets until perhaps 2025 but remains a true advocate of funeral liberty.

Don't know how to carry a casket or beir?

Man displaying handmade wood coffin
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