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One woman shared that she posted the two NJ plots her parents wanted to sell on Facebook Marketplace. She had a potential buyer within two days! She made sure they were real people before entertaining them as buyers.

She hunted Facebook Marketplace for people who want to sell plots in the exact CA cemetery her parents want and found sellers!!

She sold her parents NJ plots AND bought CA plots for her parents all successfully and legally through each cemetery's individual offices. It took several phone calls and proper forms signed by the buyers in person and paid paperwork fees ($700 as the buyer at the CA cemetery, which said they were raising their prices several hundred dollars that month and $1300 tranfer fee paid by the buyer at the NJ cemetery).


She was only dissapointed by the exorbitant future fees (opening/closing, vaults, stones, inspections etc) for actual burial in the CA plots managed by SCI, but at least she did the juggling part like a pro.

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