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Welcome Tips & Tricks

#1 You could save $thousands by hiring a mortuary further away. See our price survey. Do you want to switch mortuaries? It's not too late! Just tell the new Funeral Home where the body is and what services have already been rendered. They will take it from there. 

#2 See Our "DIY Funerals" page for step-by step instructions on how to avoid hiring at all.
#3 Check your employer, bank or credit union for a death benefit policy they may have been providing free of charge. Mine provides a $1000 policy on each account holder. See our Financial Aid page for more ideas. 
#4 Make a bier (body board) / aka One-sided casket Pictures & Instructions to Build 

#5 Choose shroud-only burial. This is an intimate choice as the form of your loved one can be seen and felt. In cemeteries requiring vaults a light weight 'Poly Vault' (upside down without the lid) can be a better option than a concrete vault. See our cemeteries page for pictures of $350 ones for sale near Ogden.


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