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#1 Advice: Do NOT automatically hire the mortuary closest to your house or funeral location.  It is unnecessary.  Fair-priced mortuaries charge little to drive further.  If you knew you could save $2K by hiring a mortuary one town or one county away why wouldn't you do it? See side-bar links to compare prices at a glance.


Caring For Your Own Dead 

Let's address some fears that people have when they hear that a neighbor/friend/relative is caring for their dead without hiring a funeral director.


1) Is it lawful? Yes. Utahans have the lawful right to not hire a funeral director, or if they desire, to hire a Funeral Director for only part of the work. 

2) Is it dangerous? No. Dead bodies don’t harbor dangerous bacteria unless the person died of a contagion (such as Jacob Kruetzfeld or Mycobacterium Tuberculosis). Typical disease dies with the death of the body. If you could care for the person before death then be assured that any risk has decreased after death.

3) Is it messy? No. There's no need to spend thousands of dollars over the possibility of leaking bodily fluids. If it happens at all it's minimal. What worked before death for that works after death as well.

4) Doesn't a body need to be embalmed? No. It must be cremated or buried or refrigerated by 24hrs. Refrigeration at home is often accomplished using strategically placed dry ice or refreezable ice packs around the body, or in the colder months simply a room between 32 - 40 degrees F.

5) Is it immodest? No. If you took care of your loved one’s needs in a modest way BEFORE death, you certainly know how to do so after death too.  There's no cause for immodesty.

6) Are you equipped? Yes. If you own, can rent, or borrow a van, truck, or SUV and you know how to run a meeting then you can transport a casket (even across state lines) and can put on a funeral, memorial or graveside ceremony.


I have a friend who was sabotaged from carrying out a funeral without a funeral director because her congregation leader, out of fear and lack of information, pressured her to hire a funeral director. That's why I wrote this article.

Hopefully these 6 facts begin to assure you that you or your neighbor should go ahead and exercise the right to an affordable and fulfilling final goodbye. Our "DIY Funerals" page has how-to, step-by step instructions, and much more.



                            Joyce Mitchell




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