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Home Funeral/Do-it-Yourself Help


In Northern Utah 

Robert at 801-388-9158 (has personally encouraged hundreds of Utahans to spend less on funerals through his gift passion and skill at making simple caskets)

*Pictures of home funerals can be viewed at Undertaken with Love's Flickr site.

In Salt Lake & Utah County 

Joyce at 801-368-5884 has carried out a friend's after-deathcare, her own mother & father-in-law's (involving NY & UT services, flying the bodies & pick-up from Delta), as well as advising many many others.

In Southern Utah

Beverly at 775-530-0492 (experienced unexpected death out-of-state, dealt with the compromises it required, without overspending)


All kinds of connections nationwide are available from the National Home Funeral Alliance at


Ogden Standard-Examiner 2017 Casket Builder Article

One minute YouTube Video about same Casket Builder

A different way to die: the story of a natural burial (May 2016)


Home Burials Offer an Intimate Alternative (NY Times Jul 2009)


A Movement to Bring Grief Back Home (Washington Post June 2005)


A Family Undertaking (PBS Aug 2004) The comments below the trailer are great. 


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